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Dear Artisans and Crafters,

It is with great sadness that the decision was made to cancel the fall arts and crafts fair for 2021. The board also felt it was not right to hold onto your money indefinitely in these uncertain times and therefore, all deposits have now been refunded to you. We mailed out the latest a few days ago so please be patient with our mail system until they can get the checks to you. If you have not received a refund by the end of June, please contact us directly and we will look into it for you. 
I had intended to send a letter of explanation along with your refund but some confusion in the office caused some checks to go out without the letter, I apologize for that.
It was our great hope to be able to host that event this year, but it has been a very difficult year for Expo. We have lost a tremendous amount of revenue and simply do not have the staff or the funds to properly advertise this event this year.
Things however are looking up, we have devised a strong plan to slowly reopen Expo in a fiscally responsible way and are fully expecting to host these events again in 2022 and be able to give them 200%!
I am holding everyone's "spot", so hopefully no one will lose their regular booths. When we are ready to take applications again you will be notified and you will have a generous window of time to send in a new application and deposit checks. We will keep you posted.
I hope you stay safe and healthy and we will see you again soon!
Gammon C. Cross
General Manager


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